Powernap my three best tips – Power for the well-off

Powernap my three best tips - Power for the well-off

Powernap my three best tips – Power for the well-off

Powernapping – put the world on pause

1. Nap

15-20 minutes of sleep at lunchtime is ideal to gather new energy for the rest of the day. Powernapping increases the ability to concentrate, has a positive effect on the short-term memory and makes you in a good mood.

The midday or afternoon low is associated with concentration problems and a drop in performance. A short nap can do wonders. The  sleep mask  gives your eyes peace of mind and headphones protect your ears.

In addition, the nap reduces the appetite: Tired people often eat sweets to stay awake in the afternoon. Powernapping is even considered as protection against heart disease. If you rest for half an hour three times a week at noon, your heart attack risk can be reduced by almost 40 percent. Sleep and recovery are in a good mood, because during the resting phase the serotonin level in the blood, a hormone that raises the mood, increases.

Powernap my three best tips - Power for the well-off

2. Nap instead of deep sleep

On the weekend at home, one knows the beautiful feeling, wegzudösen on the sofa or on the garden chair briefly. If it lasts 20 minutes of sleep, this short recovery phase is enough to recharge your batteries and wake up relaxed. The best time is between 13 and 14 o’clock, shortly after lunch. If, however, the nap turns into a longer break with deep sleep phases, then you will feel irritated, confused and lethargic afterwards.

3. Powernapping in the office

  • In the office, the short-term nap can be well integrated into the lunch break.
  • If possible, tip the back of your chair back and put your feet up. Close your eyes and relax.
  • If it is too restless at your workplace, you can also use music that you hear on headphones.
  • A  sleep  mask darkens and signals to everyone that you take a conscious break.
  • By the way, a coffee just before the power-napping is no problem: The caffeine only works after 20 minutes – that is, when you wake up.
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Put the world on pause.

Your expert for sleep and quality of life wishes a nice break.

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