Relaxation techniques for better sleep

Relaxation techniques for better sleep

Relaxation techniques  are an effective way of calming your mind

Mindfulness ,  yoga  and  meditation  reduce the overall level of stress. Stess does not let us sleep. Meditation is a way to reduce stress.


regularly practiced, even leads to new connections between synapses. Yoga asanas  and the breathing techniques of  pranayama  calm the mind and release the stress on the physical level. A complete and permanent release from the concrete individual stress-inducing patterns they bring but not in my experience. In the long term, mindfulness, yoga and meditation also have a calming effect on the  emotions .


The starting point for stress is always the evaluations and thoughts about a situation that trigger negative emotions. The stronger the original programming, which usually develops in the first six years of life, the more resistant these “data sets” prove to be against reprogramming via conscious thinking.
Energetic techniques  start with these memory images. It does not try to change the pictures themselves, but to dissolve the associated negative emotions.
Effective, for example, the  knocking techniques  ( EFT ) from the  energetic psychology, These usually act immediately and specifically related to the symptom. An extended approach no longer taps the symptom but the feeling of it.  I also use the  Sedona method successfully. These techniques bring very fast results, often within minutes.

The effect does not always last forever. Often the acute symptom changes, and a new one occurs because the actual root and subconscious root of the disorder was not “healed”. A book recommendation here is:

The Love Principle , The Success Method for a Satisfied Life by Alex Loyds

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Relaxation techniques for better sleep

My techniques came from my extended approach, which I  have  called stress healing

Every thought we have is linked to a picture . In fact, neuroscientists like Antonio Damasio found that our brains can only work in images. Even with every stress-inducing thought there are (memory) pictures, consciously or unconsciously. This is exactly where the stress cure begins. Pictures from early childhood are also viewed, the picture works in us and the associated emotions “heals”. What sounds a bit esoteric, I can explain by an example.

An example of my technique – Stessheilung!

I had a female customer who went to all the sleep laboratories. Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, and after years a negative feeling in the subject of sleep. The customer was already 74 years old when I got to know her. We talked. She came to me and we had a cup of tea and she fell asleep while talking in the hammock in my office. The next appointment was at her house and here she was so tense and restless that it was almost another person.

The result after two more meetings was you slept again

The path of stress healing – we have worked out the following with pictures:

She always felt wonderfully protected in her grandmother’s wardrobe. The mother was sought by the Gestapo and the visits from the noisy evil men the customer as a very small child protected in the security of the linen closet survived.

We not only worked with pictures, breathing techniques but also with fragrance. The client got a tiny piece of mothball from me every Christmas until she died. This fragrance reminded you in her sleep unconsciously of the security she had felt in her grandmother’s linen closet.

Pictures are more powerful than we think and smell too.  Not for nothing the advertising works very successfully with both. Every successful advertisement requires a great picture. Scent or fragrance marketing is used in many stores for sales promotion and customer loyalty. Sleep coaching and consulting is always holistic and here the knowledge of smell and fragrance is used for you. You will be given effective techniques to positively control sleep, relaxation and your emotions.

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Another gift for you – love yourself –

Love is all you need!

This meditation opens your heart and fills you with a sense of
unconditional love. Ideally
, for another five to ten minutes, practice another meditation, such as breathing, to tune in and
sharpen your focus .
1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply several times. Try to relax a bit more with each exhalation . 

2. Think of a situation in which you felt deeply loved.
3. Linger for a moment in this memory and let that feeling
flow through you.
4. If you wish, express your wishes and intentions. For example: “May I
be happy. “Or,” May I be free from suffering. ”
5. Extend this feeling of loving kindness, and perhaps your desires, first to a
loved one or friend, then to all those close to you – and then to
all people and beings all over the world including themselves.


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