Our sleep behavior has changed due to the introduction of the light bulb by A. Edinson. Today, indoor and outdoor lighting systems make the world shine. Outdoor lighting has now reached dramatic proportions.

Light pollution

We now speak of a light pollution. Light pollution is a form of pollution. For noise pollution and fine dust there are standard values, emission values. Unfortunately not yet for light. Every street lamp and every illuminated castle is the death of thousands of insects. Not only nocturnal birds – such as owls – but also our blackbirds are disturbed by the nocturnal lighting in their biorhythm and massively damaged. Helmholtz and the Leibniz Institute have been doing research here for years, for example, on behalf of the Federal Government. We are at the mercy of the environmental influences of night street lighting.

Here is the link to the  International Society for the Rescue of the Night  – which is also supported by NASA. Here you will not only find many beautiful stars pictures but also a lot of information.

Do you still know star pictures?

Many children have never seen the Milky Way. The constellations are alien to them. A street lamp shining into the bedroom leads to a decrease in the melatonin content in her blood. A low level of melatonin in the blood leads to a less restful sleep with fewer deep sleep fractions. A study shows that people whose sleep is affected by light may be at higher risk for depression and cardiovascular disease. Surely it is difficult to conduct an isolated study of nocturnal diseases because so many exogenous factors can affect our sleep today.

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External light sources and sleep

Environmental influences and sleep disorders

For example, think of the blue light on your TV or the mobile devices that many people still use in bed. Light and darkness are the biggest factors in our wakefulness and sleep.

Even in cloudy skies, daylight in the northern latitudes still has 10,000 lux. Lux is a unit of measurement for the power of light. In most interiors, however, we only have 100 to 300 lux. Therefore, daylight luminaires are recommended for work and seasonal depression. Therefore, the recommendation to go with your child during the day in nature. Place the stroller on the balcony. Take a walk during your lunch break and have your children walk the way to school whenever possible. Retirement homes should dine with the seniors on the terrace, accompany the people in the park and again enjoy light and air baths, as described by Thomas Mann in Zauberberg. At night, the lights in the rooms should be off in the senior pin.

Room air and sleeping environment

The pollution of the room air through furniture, carpets, colors, etc. influences the sleeping environment. Our environment is the area in front of the house but also our home, so the environmental impact in the house is important for our sleep. Of course, mold in the bedroom is unacceptable. We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Therefore, the bedroom and the ventilation of the bedroom should be given the utmost attention. A good indicator here is often your own nose. Smells musty, sweetish or chemically careful. For the detection of hidden mold, there are now also gray-tailed dogs.

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Environmental influences and sleep disorders

Environmental influences in the city

There are factors that you can not influence, such as aircraft noise, trains, delivery noise and emergency vehicles. Noise disturbs, for example. According to a study by the University of Mannheim, the recovery process. Noise during sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other physical and mental disorders (www.fluglaerm-portal.de). Due to the reduced sleep quality, according to another study, the storage process during sleep is ineffective. That means it can affect your memory. Especially for children and their sleep, it is probably not recommended in their development to live in the approach lane of an airport. Therefore, in Germany also applies the night flight ban and that’s a good thing.