Sleep Apnea Syndrome: More than just snoring

Sleep apnea: causes and classification

Sleep Apnea Syndrome: More than just snoring

Has anyone ever told you that you are snoring? Did anyone talk to you about breathing while sleeping? Then you may have sleep apnea.

Try to stop the air. Do not breathe. Look at your watch, how many minutes can you hold your breath? Already after a short time the air gets scarce. Every fourth person over the age of 50 does this unintentionally while sleeping – often without knowing it. The breathing misfires can take several minutes while sleeping in these people. This is what sleep medicine calls obstructive or central sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Syndrome: More than just snoring

Without breathing no gas exchange in the body.

The inhaled oxygen is transported through the blood throughout the body. If this process is disturbed, the carbon dioxide level in the blood increases, because you no longer breathe it off. This has consequences for all processes in the body. Organs such as the heart and brain are under stress and are no longer adequately supplied with oxygen. We inhale 12 to 14 times per minute. The respiratory rate depends on our age, our health and training conditionand what we are doing. When we sleep, we need an average of 4.8 liters of air per breath. This amount is often not reached by people with breathing pauses in their sleep. Sleep is a very active state for the body in which many regeneration processes occur. Oxygen is needed for these processes. Lack of oxygen in the cells through the apnea – Breathing pauses in sleep – it leads to underpayings and stress reactions of the body In a sleep apnea the respiratory misfires take so long and the oxygen content in the blood drops, that the body alarm reacts. The snorer wakes up briefly and takes a breath. An araus arises. This is repeated several times in the night. The severity of the disease is determined inter alia by the  AHI .

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AHI means:  how many pauses per hour, how long are these breaks and what does their oxygen saturation do during these breaks.

Attention:  There are also sleep apnea patients who are not at all snoring.

The Schlafarchtektur is massively disturbed. The house of the body collapses. A typical consequence is daytime tiredness, headaches and hypertension. Concurrent with this are concentration disorders, loss of libido and reduced performance. The consequences can be dramatic depending on the situation. A job that requires high concentration over a longer period of time, such as with machine operators, can no longer be done faultlessly and reliably. For people who are traveling a lot in the field with the car or the truck, for example, the microsleep at the wheel is dreaded. The performance is limited. Here it is important to know that even 10 hours of sleep would not help people are often as tired after sleeping as before. Therefore, professional drivers, Krahnführer,

Sleep Apnea Syndrome: More than just snoring

High blood pressure to a stroke or heart attack and diabetes are the long-term consequences. Sleep apnea syndrome is a slow, silent death on installments. Every respiratory failure kills brain cells and body cells. Her body is in constant alert, recovery periods are missing.

The sleep laboratory

If you suspect a sleep apnea syndrome, your doctor should first try to diagnose it on an outpatient basis using an ambulatory measuring device. He may refer to a specialist. If sleep apnea syndrome has been diagnosed, your doctor should discuss the various treatment options with you.

Free information about sleep apnea

For the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome usually a CPAP mask (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is prescribed. This therapy consists of a device that builds up pressure, a tube and a mask. All of these parts must be tailored to you and tested on them.

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Here is the link to the patient advisor of the German Society for Sleep Medicine  counselor DGSM

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