Are Sleeping pills harmless?

Sleeping pills
Sleeping pills harmless?

Sleeping pills harmless?

Sleeping pills are sometimes beneficial. What they are never sure is a permanent solution!

The number of people who regularly take sleeping pills and get them prescribed by their doctors is scary.

Especially with older people starts here a veritable addiction spiral. You come to the hospital and what does the night nurse ask you? “Would you like a sleeping pill”.

Sleeping pills harmless?

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Dealing with sleeping pills

What you should be aware of when taking medicines.

  1. Sleeping pills should always be prescribed by the doctor.
  2. You should discuss which other drug you are still taking and clarify interactions. Especially for psychotropic drugs and blood pressure tablets.
  3. Please only take sleeping pills for a short period of time and work on the causes of insomnia.
  4. If you can not tolerate sleeping pills, for example, have an overhang, and are still tired the next morning or have weight problems, dry mouth, mood swings, dizziness, and more, prescribe a medicine with another ingredient.
  5. Some medicines for depression also make you tired and are well tolerated and can therefore be an alternative.
  6. The sleep that is mediated by sleeping pills is not as relaxing as a “natural sleep”. We do not process information. Sleeping with a sleeping aid is more like anesthesia.

Sleeping pills harmless?

Sleeping aids for children

Insomnia is part of everyday life for parents. The little ones are not sleeping yet, the teeth are just like the many small ungd large infections in kindergarten time. Immmer again, children want to be comforted and cared for at night. Nights with children in a double bed are never really undisturbed. More and more parents are turning to sleeping pills.

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“It did not taste her, but we call her magic drops and so she has swallowed the stuff.” In parenting forums on the Internet are entries of this kind.

The question: Can parents give sleeping aids to their toddlers, if they just do not want to sleep through? The Bavarian Ministry of Health sees a sharp increase in the number of cases here. To be honest, I find this practice very questionable. Sleeping pills are never as harmless as the advertising makes us believe. Health consequences for the children can be psychological dependence, damage to the internal organs such as liver and kidney and worst case – even in low doses – it can come to respiratory arrest. Children, for example, who get a sleeping pill in the clinic are always monitored extra carefully throughout the night.

Even the German Society for Paediatrics and Youth (DGKJ) warned years ago of sleeping pills for children. There are no concrete figures. Many remedies are freely available in the pharmacy. It used to be usual to give children beer or schnapps to fall asleep. But here too we know that it is not a solution. It is better to treat yourself to a power nap during the day or to give the children to the grandparents to sleep through a night again.

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