Determine snoring type + find out: what helps against snoring!

Determine snoring type + find out: what helps against snoring! You probably did not know it yet, but Snorer is not the same snorer. What helps against snoring can not therefore be uniformly answered for all concerned. There are many causes and reasons for snoring. But you can roughly differentiate between “nasal snoring” (remedy: often nasal spreader ), “tongue snoring ” (most […]

Sleep-related diseases due to vitamin deficiency

Sleep-related diseases due to vitamin deficiency You are always exhausted and still can not fall asleep? Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency! Vitamin B6, B12 as well as folic acid have a positive influence on different metabolic processes in the body. Only if all three B vitamins are sufficiently available, the C1 metabolism can thus run smoothly […]

Psychologically induced sleep disorders

Psychologically induced sleep disorders Psychologically induced sleep disorders (primary insomnia) Are mostly chronic psychogenic disorders classified by increased physical tension (hyper-arousel) and learned misconduct. This misbehavior, also known as conditioning, has also increased in recent years due to the use of new media in daily life – in other words, mobile phones and tablets in bed, […]

Genetic aspects of sleep disorders

Genetic aspects of sleep disorders Why do we ask sleep coaching about sleep disorders in the family? In many medical, neurological and pediatric diseases, the influence of the genes has been clarified. Sleep disorders are sometimes not only the external influences such as light, age, stress and social stress responsible but also a genetic predisposition, ie  disposition. […]

What is shift work?

Shiftwork is defined as a working rhythm that falls outside the standard. The norm here is the work of 9 – 17 o’clock. Shift work, for example, is the shift that starts in the afternoon and ends at around midnight. Often referred to as “late shift” in US as “swing shift” or the night shift that starts in […]

Young parents and caregivers

Young parents With newborns and small children, you immediately recognize the dark circles. Newborns do not have a well-rehearsed daytime rhythm. Babies are hungry at night and need to be breastfed. In some families, this state of sleep disruption puts extreme strain on the partnership and often results in a cycle of insomnia. There are babies who sleep from the […]

Environmental influences and sleep disorders

Our sleep behavior has changed due to the introduction of the light bulb by A. Edinson. Today, indoor and outdoor lighting systems make the world shine. Outdoor lighting has now reached dramatic proportions. Light pollution We now speak of a light pollution. Light pollution is a form of pollution. For noise pollution and fine dust there are […]

Neurological sleep disorders

For example, Parkinson’s disease, RLS syndrome, PMS (periodic leg movement), painful polyneuropathy, Burning feet syndrome (due to vitamin B12 deficiency), nocturnal seizures, and, for example, buxism (the nocturnal teeth grinding). Here, the internist and neurologist is always in demand to create a clear diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Internal sleep disorders

For example, allergic reactions to food allergens may also be present. These often lead to falling asleep and staying asleep, which are not recognized for a long time. Gastroesophageal reflux (nocturnal heartburn) also leads to sleep disorders. Nakolepsia is a disease in which people fall into a brief deep sleep within seconds. This can of […]

Nightmares and sleepwalking

Nightmares, sleepwalking, night terrors, teeth grinding – night owls – kids can sometimes scare your parents. The good news: most recovery problems are harmless. Wake-up disorders typically in childhood Parasomnia: These are events or behaviors that occur while asleep or out of sleep. Wake-up disorders, parasomnias occur more frequently in childhood. Many children and parents will […]