Internal sleep disorders

For example, allergic reactions to food allergens may also be present. These often lead to falling asleep and staying asleep, which are not recognized for a long time. Gastroesophageal reflux (nocturnal heartburn) also leads to sleep disorders. Nakolepsia is a disease in which people fall into a brief deep sleep within seconds. This can of […]

Nightmares and sleepwalking

Nightmares, sleepwalking, night terrors, teeth grinding – night owls – kids can sometimes scare your parents. The good news: most recovery problems are harmless. Wake-up disorders typically in childhood Parasomnia: These are events or behaviors that occur while asleep or out of sleep. Wake-up disorders, parasomnias occur more frequently in childhood. Many children and parents will […]

Powernap my three best tips – Power for the well-off

Powernap my three best tips – Power for the well-off Powernapping – put the world on pause 1. Nap 15-20 minutes of sleep at lunchtime is ideal to gather new energy for the rest of the day. Powernapping increases the ability to concentrate, has a positive effect on the short-term memory and makes you in a […]

Relaxation timeouts for each time bugdget.

Use time budgets of three minutes to three hours optimally for you. The fragrance therapy is turbo in the relaxation toolbox. Aromatherapy acts directly on the limbic system. The limbic system is in one of the oldest parts of our brain and controls, among other things, our emotional world. Depending on the scent, natural essential oils and […]

Relaxation techniques for better sleep

Relaxation techniques  are an effective way of calming your mind Mindfulness ,  yoga  and  meditation  reduce the overall level of stress. Stess does not let us sleep. Meditation is a way to reduce stress. Meditation regularly practiced, even leads to new connections between synapses. Yoga asanas  and the breathing techniques of  pranayama  calm the mind and release the stress on the physical level. A complete and permanent release […]

Which habits can improve your sleep?

13 tips to influence sleep positively Which habits can improve your sleep? Studies show that changing sleep habits can help improve sleep quality. Sleep disorders and insomnia People who have attended  training  report that they slept quieter, deeper and more undisturbed. How to change your sleep habits can be learned in  courses  or  individual training  . In the studies, a typical course for people with […]